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SPY Camera Detector

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Main applications :-

  1. Used for checking if there is a pin-hole video camera in hotel, restaurant, public toilet, changing room, swimming pool, etc;
  2. For a safety meeting like business negotiation and contract signing;
  3. As a security means for military organ and governmental bodies;


Application instructions:

  1. Press the switch while detecting. Red light indicates normal power source is on. The firs flash of blue light means the completion of self-check of the device itself;
  2. Keep pressing the switch and move left and right and around while checking. When blue light glistens, that means there is secret device installed nearby;
  3. The brighter of the blue light, the more intensive frequency exists, which means the secret device is very close to you.
  4. In order to determine the exact location, shorten the antenna, by doing so, it can reduce the detecting range and finally find out the “secret”


Main specifications:

  1. Detecting frequency range:100-3GHZ
  2. Working range: 0-10 meters
  3. Working voltage:12v ( built-in power source )
  4. Dimension: 68 x 48 x18


Packing Details:-

  1. Normal Plastic bag with instruction sheets (no packing box)