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Pro1one Waterless Wash & Shine

RM 19.00 RM 39.90

Waterless Wash & Shine, Cleans, Shines & Protects  ... Without Water! ....

This revolutionary spray & wipe product makes it easy to clean, shine and protect in minutes … and it absolutely  will not scratch or swirl the paint! Perfect to use anywhere, as a quick touch-up or bumper-to-bumper.

Bottom line benefits

·   Saves time - only 15 minutes for an average car

·   No bucket, hose or sponge required

·   No mess to clean up

·   Citrus-based formula easily cleans bugs, road tar, tree sap, bird droppings and water spots

·   Special lubricating agents leave just-waxed shiny coating that beads water for 4 weeks

·   Use for paint, chrome or glas

 Applications, cleaning of:

·    Cars

·   Caravans

·   Bikes

·   Boats (also removes algae deposits)

·   Campers

·   Bikes etc. etc.

How To Use

  • Shake can before use
  • Pre-soak tough stains for 30 seconds
  • Holding the can 12 – 15 inches from the surface, spray a two-by-two foot area.  For light dirt, lightly mist the area. For heavier dirt, spray liberally
  • Wipe clean using a folded terry cloth or micro-fiber towel
  • Flip towel or use a clean towel to quickly buff to a high-gloss shine