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With advanced infra-red sensor technology, this auto PIR lighting featuring the advantages of high sensitivity, anti-interference, silence operation, fast reaction and long distance sensor. It has 3 super bright LED, which auto switch on when there is any movement. It has built in light sensor which can identify day and night by itself. It is also easy to be used and it is maintenance free.

LED Sensor Light, photosensitive LED lights automatically turn on when you approach in the dark and shut off 30 seconds later, doubles as a security light to deter intruders. Easy to mount, no wires, electricity or installation needed.

  • Power by 3 x AA Batteries (battery not included)
  • Scope of the detector : up to 4m
  • Angle of the detector : up to 60 ° (vertical) and 120 ° (horizontal)
  • Unit Size:about 7.5*4*12cm
  • Static current: d0.08MA
  • Illumine current: d14MA

LED Sensor light has 3 setting :-

  1. Automatic lighting: set switch to AUTO, put in the bedroom, corridor, the bathroom, storage room etc, can automatically capture the activities of the human body to light up, convenient for you to find the light switches or take some small things; when children wake up do some activities,  the light automatic up, reduce children's fears;
  2. Manual lighting: set switch to ON, will be able to continue to help lighting light, and can carry just like a desk lamp;
  3. Close lighting: set switch to OFF.

LED Sensor Light can be used in bedroom, hallway, staircase, washroom, kitchen and etc. It can also be used in Baby room, use the Pre-set Auto mode, when baby wakes up and move, the motion sensor light will be on, so that baby will not be scared.