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Intelligent Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption Saver

RM 99.00 RM 199.00


•  Saving energy of Air Conditioner

•  Prominent energy saving efficiency, saving energy reach 25%-45%

•  Be suitable for 1P-5P air conditioners.

•  Adopt the programmable intelligent control

•  Be suitable for both cooling and heating air conditioners.

•  Not any side-effect for air conditioners, plug and play

•  With temperature compensator

•  Newly aluminium shell.



•  Rated Voltage: 200V—240V

•  Loading Power: 1P—5P

•  Frequency: 50/60Hz

•  Single phase only

•  With CE certificate



Compressor is the highest energy consume components, in fact the compressor is a electromotor. Many data indicated that the currency consume when start the electromotor is 7-11 times as the rated currency, so it can realize the energy saving when reduce the start-up currency and reduce the start-up times of the electromotor.