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Auto Fan - Solar-Powered Auto Air Ventilation (1 watt - more powerful)

RM 49.00 RM 79.00

Since the Auto Air Ventilation runs directly on natural, FREE solar energy, there is no drain on your vehicle's battery and no batteries to replace or recharge. Installation is easy! Simply attach the included weather proof fitting strips to the Auto Air Ventilation, place the Auto Air Ventilation on top of the window edge and roll the window closed - that's it!

The Auto Air Ventilation helps preserve and protect your vehicle's interior, valuable stereo and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of extreme heat build-up.  Auto Air Ventilation also assists in reducing the strain on your air conditioning system during start-up.



  • Blows hot air out of parked car

  • Solar Powered – Needs no battery

  • Fits any car window

  • Size : Fan : 15 ( L ) x 11 ( W ) x 5.5 ( H ) cm ; Belt : approximately 80cm

    What this product will/won't do:  This is not an air conditioner, it is a ventilation system, and it will reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle, but not cool it (like an air conditioner would).  The system will not work with cars whose windows are dark tinted, nor will it work well on cloudy days.